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Here's what people say about working with me...

I started coaching because I was struggling with loneliness and low-self-esteem and felt that my life lacked direction.

I knew I needed a helping hand and had been thinking about coaching but didn't know how to go about finding the right one or if I should take the plunge. After following Hannah on social media for a while I quickly realised that her experiences and reflections as a single woman and mother made her the ideal person. Once I made contact with Hannah I was touched by her kindness and also appreciated the straight-talking, straight forward and down to earth approach. It was "une évidence" as we say in French :) I also liked the clear structure and the fact that she was organised and on-time.

Through coaching, I have gotten to know myself better and discovered a variety of techniques and resources to help me understand and deal with my issues. Being able to share my deepest insecurities in a safe environment has been liberating and I feel unburdened by the experience. I also feel like I've been given a big helping hand to get my life back on track. I now feel like I am enough and that it's ok to feel how I feel, and that I'm not alone

After working with Hannah I feel more relaxed and reassured about my life. I’m learning to let go of social expectations and do/feel what is right for me. I will continue to work on my personal development but I’m already feeling confident about the future. I have lots of new plans from running a half-marathon to Spanish classes, solo travelling and finding a more fulfilling job!

Megan Carter, France

Hannah isn't just a coach, she's a lifesaver! She literally sorted my life and new business out in 3 sessions!

It’s no exaggeration that  Hannah has transformed my life. From a very scared single parent with low self-esteem, struggling to pay the bills to a confident and empowered woman who has begun to believe in herself. My business literally took off within two weeks of applying her advice and I have gained so much confidence in my life.

Hannah has a no-bullshit approach and really cuts through to the core of the issue. She has given me practical actions to really focus me in on what needs to be done as well as invaluable life wisdom for which I am forever grateful. 

There are lots of coaches and classes out there but Hannah offers something unique.

Rebecca Milnes, York

Before working with Hannah I had a lack of purpose. No clarity about who I was or where I was going. I was facing retirement with a sense of dread, rather than purpose. Feeling at a loss, as this isn't the person I used to be. I had no vision, no hope, no joy - who wants a life like that? Not me.

Hannah helped me to identify my core values so that, when a great idea occurred to me, I was able to seize it with both hands and run with it.

My values and beliefs have changed as I've got older and so has my perspective on the world. Coaching helped me to see this, adjust to it, and come back on the world from a different angle, an angle which mirrors precisely who I am at this stage in my life.

Now I’m much more confident in who I am and have a clearer idea about what's important to me. I think you have repurposed me! 

Louise Heppleston, Hebden Bridge

My experience with Hannah has been nothing short of fantastic.

I felt for a long while that I could benefit from a life coach, but procrastinated with finding one. Hannah is professional but friendly and puts me at ease during every session.

Hannah has helped me to put my life into perspective and understand what’s really important to me - giving me the push I need to work towards my goals. I feel focused, driven and optimistic about the future because of how much she has helped me to see things clearly.

She is motivational, inspirational and an absolute natural at coaching. 

Jessica Balham, London.

Hannah helped me to start my own freelance business from scratch by sharing her extensive knowledge in the online world and building my confidence to help me believe I can succeed.

She helped me to identify some of the more unique skills that I have, which has allowed me to advertise as a specialist and charge far more.

She is 100% approachable; sometimes I text her saying: ‘WHAT on earth do I do here’!? And she gets back to me immediately with positive, well thought out solutions. I can highly recommend her coaching services.

Ruby De Fina, Indonesia

The mentorship Hannah has given me over the past two years has been invaluable for my development and growth whilst trying to navigate my life as a conscious young woman in what can be a challenging world.

I rely on her integrity, loyalty and humility to guide me when all avenues are pointing in painful directions.

I can’t recommend her enough, and the more of her wisdom we have, the better we can all be.


Kate Radford, San Francisco

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