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Life Coaching

Are you feeling lost, stuck, confused or lonely?

I combine practical Life Coaching methods with powerful, cutting edge Psychotherapy (based on neuroscience) to help you create an exciting and satisfying life full of joy, meaning and peace.

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Business Coaching

Do you need some help with your business?

As a fellow 'solopreneur' I know all about the challenges you're facing and how lonely it can be working alone. I use my 20+ years of experience to guide and support you in all aspects of your business to help you achieve your business goals. As your Coach and Mentor, I'm here as your friend and confidante to make sure you feel supported.

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BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT®)

Are you struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, fears, phobias, PTSD or any other mental health challenges?

BWRT® is groundbreaking evidence-based psychotherapy based on neuroscience. It's highly effective at reprogramming the neural pathways in your brain so that you can be free from emotional and psychological pain.

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