About Hannah


Hi, I’m Hannah,


I’m a Women’s Coach and Mentor. I specialise in helping single women (inc. single parents) reach the incredible potential each one of us is capable of, in ALL areas of our life.


Do any of these statements apply to you?


* You’re aware time’s passing by (why won’t that clock slow down!?), but you’re not where you hoped you’d be and you’re confused about what your next move should look like.

* You’re anxious about the future - getting older, security, unfulfilled dreams. You’d like to make some changes, but you’re scared of wasting any more time or resources on any more ‘mistakes’.

* You want more excitement and adventure from life than you’re currently experiencing. 

* You need more confidence to get out there and do the things you love - you want to walk into a room/a bar/an online space without feeling inferior and plagued by self-comparison - hey it affects us all!

* You wish you had a more meaningful social life and better quality friendships - women you have stuff in common with and who get you.

* You want more time to spend on yourself, more energy to feel inspired and motivated or more resources, so you have wider choices.

* You want to change or advance your career.

* You want to start a side business doing something you’re passionate about and makes you feel good.


If you answered yes to any of the above, I can help you.


Here's what you should do right now.


1. Start focusing on yourself!

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I spill all that I've learned so you (like me!) can find genuine and lasting happiness as a single woman without the need for a romantic partner - I'll show you how to get there, fast.

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3. Consider employing me as your coach.

If you're ready to take the next step, if you've tried all sorts of things and they haven't worked, or you haven't tried anything as you don't know where to start, let me guide and support you doing what I do I do best. 

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Who are you, Hannah?


Some random facts about me:




I was raised by hippies in the Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge, way before it was cool. I'm still based here, although since my daughter left home, I've lived for months at a time in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Italy. I'm taking advantage of the empty nest!

Initially, I trained as a Social Worker and spent years supporting vulnerable people in various capacities. I delivered anger management programs to homeless people, I gave harm-reduction advice to sex workers, I delivered workshops and confidence-building residentials to young women who needed a self-esteem boost. 

I loved many aspects of the work, but when I reached my thirties, I felt like something was missing. I bit the bullet and returned to university to get a Masters Degree and fulfil a lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

I worked for women's magazines for a few years. Interestingly, I was still drawn to write about the same problems I'd been helping my social work clients with - health and wellness.

I became obsessed with women's wellbeing, and this time I had a vested interest. As the years wore on and I became more self-aware, I realised I felt like shit a lot of the time.

I needed to know why. The deeper I dug, the more I learned and to cut a ten-year journey short into one short sentence: all of my problems stemmed from a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

When a society encourages competition and self-comparison rather than self-acceptance, combined with a lack of connection to both the natural world and ourselves, everyone ends up suffering from low self-esteem, we just might not be aware of it. This has a profound impact on our life.

We might repeatedly choose partners that are not worthy of us, or choose careers that we think we can 'get', rather than what we actually want.

The more I investigated, and the more I wrote, the more other women started approaching me and asking for advice and guidance - they were feeling what I was feeling.

So my work as a coach started informally, although providing help and support to others always came naturally. I like structure, so I completed an Advanced Practitioner Life Coaching course.


Here I am today. Kindly and compassionately at your service.


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Official Bio



Hannah Anstee is a former British Wellness Journalist turned Certified Women’s Coach & Mentor.

You may know her from her work as Beauty Editor at YOGA Magazine or her contributions to The Independent or Psychologies Magazine.

Using her kind and candid approach Hannah helps single women rewrite their stories. She helps them to prioritise and invest in themselves so they feel confident, happy and proud of who they are.

Hannah gets quick results for her clients using the methods she developed to make considerable changes in her own life. From an anxious and depressed single mother with too much of a fondness for Pinot Grigio and unhealthy relationships - to a one-woman powerhouse who changed careers, travelled the world alone and learned to ride a motorbike at 40. 
She is wildly passionate about helping other women achieve their whole potential.

Hannah’s home is in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. She spends most of her free time walking in the woods, obsessively writing in her journal, and exploring exotic new places alone.

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