Get clear on the right self-care practices for *you* and easily implement them so you can grow, thrive and bloom in 2021.


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“When women take care of their health they become their own best friend.”

Maya Angelou


By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear understanding of:


  • What self-care really is.
  • What self-care isn’t - myth-busting.
  • How self-care will benefit you - I'll offer real-life examples of how consistent self-care has changed my life and that of my clients.
  • Why consistent self-care is so difficult and how to overcome this.
  • Life energy and boundaries - how to prioritise yourself.
  • Multiple easy to do self-care ideas, resources and tools.




We take a deep dive into your individual current self-care practices and lifestyle.

We will create a personalised, easy and realistic self-care action plan for you to implement and start reaping the rewards immediately.


This workshop is for you if:


  • You have low energy, are run down and often ill
  • You’ve never had a self-care ‘practice’
  • You’ve had a self-care practice and haven’t been able to stick to it
  • You have low mood and low motivation
  • You struggle with low self-esteem and confidence


Practical Information

This workshop will be held via Zoom - the link will be emailed to you the day before.

Please bring a journal and pen for note-making.

We will have two short screen breaks during the workshop.



This workshop will be a small, safe and confidential space for us to explore self-care in depth, how it relates to you, and how you can integrate it into your own life, easily.


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About me

Hannah Anstee portrait

Hannah Anstee is a former British Wellness Journalist turned Women’s Coach & Mentor.

You may know her from her work as Beauty Editor at YOGA Magazine or her contributions to The Independent or Psychologies Magazine.

Hannah uses a kind and candid approach to help women rewrite their stories.