The Life MOT

We all go through periods of time where we feel like our lives are out of balance. It’s not always easy to see what needs to be done or how to fix it. 

That’s why I created The Life MOT - so you can take control of your future right now.

This is an intensive 1.5-hour transformative life coaching session to help you discover where you’re out of balance and what you need to address so you can move forward again.

I’ve helped many women just like yourself get back on track with their lives by providing them with the insight and tools they need for success and happiness.

This is a one-off powerful coaching session that looks at where you are right now and what you can do - quickly and easily - to improve things for yourself.


How often do you maintain your life? 

How often do you check in with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing? 

Do you regularly have a service or do you wait until you’re suffering from low mood, low energy or burnout and you’re forced to act?


As you get older self-investment is key

A small investment in time and resources now can make a huge difference to how your whole year pans out.


How does it work?

We’ll explore the essential areas of your life and discover, in detail, where you're out of balance and what to do about it.

We'll take a deep dive into your relationships, career, wellbeing and more.

We'll identify what you need to let go of, and what you need to bring more of into your life.


You’ll come away with an extremely clear road map of what needs addressing and a plan to implement.

You’ll have newfound clarity and perspective about your life plus you'll feel inspired, motivated and positive about the future.


Your Investment: £210

The Life MOT occasionally leads to more sessions but for many people, one session may be all you need.

These breakthrough coaching sessions draw on my background and experience as a Qualified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Wellbeing Coach.


Please book in for a free chat here to see if this transformational coaching session is suitable for you.




Before working with Hannah I had a lack of purpose. No clarity about who I was or where I was going. I was facing retirement with a sense of dread, rather than purpose. Feeling at a loss, as this isn't the person I used to be. I had no vision, no hope, no joy - who wants a life like that? Not me.

Hannah helped me to identify my core values so that, when a great idea occurred to me, I was able to seize it with both hands and run with it.

My values and beliefs have changed as I've got older and so has my perspective on the world. Coaching helped me to see this, adjust to it, and come back on the world from a different angle, an angle which mirrors precisely who I am at this stage in my life.

Now I’m much more confident in who I am and have a clearer idea about what's important to me. I think you have repurposed me! 

Louise Heppleston, Hebden Bridge

Please book in for a free chat here to see if this transformational coaching session is suitable for you.

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